How It Works

How it Works

CHORAL combines a data mesh, library of analytics solutions, rapid implementation methodology, and data & analytics platform.

Data Mesh

Data & analytics language for your enterprise including:

  • Domains, metrics, and dimensions
  • Tables, attributes, and relationships
  • Tools to assemble, visualize and manage the data mesh

Analytics Solutions

Library of analytics solutions to create an integrated and interactive view of your enterprise:

  • Domain solutions
  • Multi-domain solutions

Implementation Method

Rapid prototyping and implementation methodology using:

  • Analytics solutions blueprints
  • Data mesh blueprints
  • Intuitive, spreadsheet-like authoring tools

Data & Analytics Platform

Big data platform built on Apache Arrow for lightning fast peformance. This platform works seamlessly with the data mesh. Features include:

  • Data ingestion
  • Data mesh assembly
  • Multi-dimensional analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Data storytelling
  • Algorithms and calculations
  • User & solution management
data mesh

Build a common data language and rapidly integrate data from any source

The data mesh may be described in two parts: a logical data model and a physical implementation of this model.

The Logical model consists of domains, metrics and dimensions which all work together to deliver an integrated view of your enterprise.

The Physical model includes the specifications of tables, attributes, and relationships to implement the logical model. The CHORAL data mesh enhances speed and agility with:

  • Clear and simple specifications for the logical and physical data models
  • Ease of understanding – only light training is required – 3 types of tables and 4 types of relationships
  • Ease of assembly and updates using features to: assemble, visualize and manage the data mesh
Analytics solutions library

Accelerate using solution examples

CHORAL’s analytics solutions library provides significant advantages over building solutions starting with a whiteboard:

  • Examples are provided for each domain and use case. This accelerates functional requirements.
  • A data mesh blueprint and sample data sets are available for each domain. This accelerates data model specifications.
  • Solutions are interoperable and work together seamlessly to deliver an integrated and interactive view of your enterprise.
  • Solutions and the data mesh may be rapidly adapted to your specific needs using an intuitive toolkit.

Digital operating model example

Domain Solutions


Human Resources

Information Technology

Data & Analytics

Business Processes





Products & Services



Mergers & Acquisitions





Financial Crimes


Financial Markets


Build in parallel, rapid sprints using blueprints

Implementation Methodology

1. Build solutions using your curated Excel data

  • Select a solution and blueprint from the library
  • Load your data in the sample tables
  • Adapt data and solution configuration to your needs
  • Connect to source systems

2. lnterate in rapid sprints, each delivering a solution with enhanced capabilities

  • Add domain and multi-domain solutions
  • Connect to additional data sources
  • Provide input to your data lake team / add the data mesh to your data lake
Data & Analytics Platform

Built from the ground up for big data

CHORAL is built for high performance, big data analytics. Highlights include:

  • Cloud-native data platform – we can install it at your preferred cloud provider (AWS, Azure, Google, …)
  • In-memory analytics and connections to big data platforms – Apache Arrow
  • Data visualization and interactive graphics – Vega-Lite
  • Data adapters – Relational, NoSC!L, unstructured, custom
  • Spreadsheets for simplicity – sample data sets and configuration files in Excel

CHORAL features improve speed and agility across the implementation lifecycle:

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