There is a better way to lead.

Transition from disparate spreadsheets and BI solutions to Choral’s intuitive platform, empowering your C-Suite and management team with instant,
actionable insights.

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Effortlessly tap into a suite of analytics apps and views in a single system to streamline and speed up your decision-making process.

Fusion of AI and BI

Business intelligence, fueled by AI, transforms raw data into strategic insights, empowering decision-makers to drive innovation and growth.

Record-Time Insights

Experience the power of rapid data analysis and insights, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence in record time.

Winner of the 2024 Product Awards | AI & Data Category | Winner of the 2024 Product Awards | AI & Data Category |

Choral is your competitive advantage.

Simplify How Leaders Work

Empower decision-making and reduce meeting overload for more efficient leadership.

Simplify How Teams Work

Streamline team collaboration with an all-in-one app providing instant access to essential data and analytics for effective company management.

Simplify How to Implement Solutions

Ease the solution implementation process with ready-to-use apps and comprehensive blueprints tailored for each project.

Gain Instant Access to Thousands of Views

Experience the speed of Choral with immediate access to a vast array of views, streamlining decisions across every department.

Accelerate Problem Solving

Rapidly address complex challenges by seamlessly integrating knowledge across various domains, business units, and departments.

Implement in Days and Weeks, not Months and Years

Rapidly deploy Choral in a matter of days, unlocking quick, efficient pathways to data-driven insights and smarter decision-making.

Streamlined Requirements

Begin with an 80% ready-to-use solution, easily customizable to your specific needs, and bypass the hassle of identifying requirements.

Streamlined Data Modeling

Effortlessly create data models by just loading your data into designated tables, bypassing the complexities of traditional data modeling.

Streamlined Solution Implementation

Quickly tailor solution configurations to your needs, avoiding the need for extensive programming and data interpretation efforts.

Transform your staff into high-impact players

Revolutionize your team’s capabilities, turning them into high-impact players who drive significant and lasting contributions and drive business excellence.

Supercharged Collaboration

Bridge departmental divides and boost collaboration with a unified, clear language.

Instant Insights

Access thousands of views, delivering multi-domain analytics at your fingertips.

Natural Language Processing

Easily ask for the data you want to see.

Choral goes beyond traditional BI

Choral includes traditional BI features and more:

Insights & Analytics

Old Way: PDFs, spreadsheets, and documents to compile and analyze. Management sees the data that is provided to them.

New Way: One app providing instant access to thousands of views. More autonomy for C-Suite executives and management teams to analyze


Old Way: Lack of integrated data and analytics to solve problems in working sessions and meetings

New Way: Teams collaborate more effectively with access to a unified view of the enterprise


Old Way: Countless meetings and resources to construct analytics

New Way: Faster and simpler way to implement analytics apps

The fusion of AI and BI insights has never been easier.

1. Select

Choose from a range of apps in our analytics app store.

2. Load

Import data from any source (structured or unstructured).

3. Analyze

Instantly access thousands of views of your company.

4. Extend

Activate custom solutions for your business requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Choral you can:

  • Empower your management team with an integrated view of your company quickly and cost effectively.
  • Use the best data you have right now, from any source, and make it useful
  • Magnify the impact of your cloud data warehouse with a library of analytics solutions

CHORAL streamlines 3 of the most time-consuming and costly steps in building analytics solutions:

  • Requirements Specifications: The analytics solutions library gives your team a specification for each solution. Review and adapt as needed.
  • Data Modeling: The solutions blueprint gives your team the model specs and sample data tables in spreadsheets. Load your data from any source, and the model is built automatically.
  • Solution Development: Solutions are pre-built and may be adapted quickly with configuration files and intuitive authoring tools.

CHORAL goes beyond traditional business intelligence with:

A library of pre-built analytics solutions

  • A data mesh
  • A rapid implementation method
  • Integration of a large language model with analytics solutions.

The impact is:

  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Greater insights from an integrated view of your company
  • Faster and lower-cost implementation