Lower Implementation Complexity and Cost

  • Use a top-down approach led by domain teams
  • Build solutions with an intuitive authoring toolkit
  • Rationalize analytics solutions and tools
  • Sharpen the focus of your data lake projects

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Create a digital operating model and data-driven organization
  • Deliver superior insights with an integrated view of your enterprise
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration

Speed and Agility

  • Implementation in rapid sprints -days, weeks
  • Quickly adapt to new use cases and evolving data sets
  • Build in parallel with multiple teams

Build a digital operating model for your data-driven organization

Becoming a data-driven company is essential to compete in today’s digital economy.

Yet, a survey of C-suite executives across financial services, life sciences, healthcare, and retail suggests that efforts to incorporate data into decision-making processes are not as successful as expected despite meaningful investments –HBR, 2021, Why is it So Hard to Become a Data-Driven Company?

Fragmented information is a challenge for many enterprises – Key reports are in spreadsheets and more granular data and analytics reside in multiple departmental solutions.

CHORAL’s unique capabilities enable your team to rapidly build a digital operating model for your data-driven organization.

The opportunity is to organize and integrate data & analytics across domains of expertise and business units to reduce complexity, increase organizational effectiveness, speed and agility.

Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

Focus on high value use cases and build solutions quickly
  1. Subdivide your enterprise data into domains
  2. Select and implement a high-value use case
  3. Automate data feeds
  4. Rapidly scale with additional domains and high value use cases


  • Financials
  • Human Resources
  • Data & Analyics
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities
  • Suppliers
  • Business Processes
  • Sales
  • Customers
  • Products and Services
  • Channels
  • Brands
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Projects
  • Risk
  • Regulatory
  • Cybersecurity
  • Financial Crimes
  • Economy
  • Financial Markets
  • Competitors

High Value Use Cases

Enterprise Productivity

Drive efficiency with an integrated view of: financials, expense and revenue drivers

Revenue Growth

Drive growth with an integrated view of: customers, sales, products, channels, brands and M&A

Digital Transformation

Plan and execute a digital transformation

Information Technology

Develop your IT strategy, transform IT, monitor execution and risk

Data and Analytics Transformation

Plan and execute your data & analytics transformation

Risk and Compliance

Manage enterprise risk and compliance with a holistic view


Collaborate to proactively manage cybersecurity risk

Mergers and Acquisitions

Manage your M&A pipeline and integrate acquisitions

Empower your entire organization to contribute to your data and analytics transformation

CHORAL Integrated Analytics

Create an Information Advantage

  • Empower your entire organization to contribute to your analytics transformation- not just a few experts
  • Build analytics solutions faster
  • Lower implementation complexity and costs
  • Create a common data and analytics language to enable your data-driven organization
  • Rapidly adapt to new data sets and solutions requirements
  • Build your data lake faster
Support the growing demand for extracting value from data by creating a broad, deep, and integrated view of the enterprise.
using choral tablet

Create an integrated, interactive view of your enterprise and build a data-driven organization



Create a Data Mesh for Speed, Agility, Integrated Data and Deeper Insights

The data mesh is used to organize and interconnect your unique data with standard tables and relationships. It offers key benefits over other approaches:

  • Superior insights from an integrated view of the enterprise
  • Speed and agility:
    • Automatic assembly
    • Standardized blueprints
    • Parallel implementation
  • Empowers non-IT teams as authors
    • Only light training is required

CHORAL accelerates your team’s ability to interconnect and analyze data, build analytics solutions and communicate insights using data storytelling.

Accelerate Value With a Top-down Approach

Deliver Analytics Solutions Faster
  • Accelerate solution requirements and assembly with a library of analytics solutions and blueprints
  • Integrate your data across domains and business units with a data mesh
  • Implement with teams working in parallel using a common methodology, data mesh, and intuitive authoring toolkit
Build Your Data Lake Faster
  • Deliver top-down data lake requirements using rapid solution prototyping
  • Prioritize your data aggregation efforts on high-value, re-usable data sets

Integrate Data from Any Source and Provide Input to Your Data Lake Team

High value data typically resides in a wide range of sources:

Files – Spreadsheets, documents, images, videos,
Enterprise systems – Data lake, data warehouse, databases, applications, SaaS
External – Data service providers, APIs

While many enterprises are implementing a data lake to consolidate data sources, two key challenges arise:

1. Data lake projects take a long time to implement – months, years
2. Data sources evolve very quickly – as more internal / external data sets are created

The data mesh and associated toolkit improve speed and agility

• Data may be ingested from any source and integrated rapidly to build analytics solutions
• Once analytics solutions and the associated data mesh are refined, the data mesh may be added to the data lake

The ability to utilize all available data sources and rapidly integrate them to solve problems is central to achieving speed and agility in analytics.

Empower All Users to Communicate Their Insights with Data Storytelling Features

Data storytelling is the ability to effectively communicate insights from data and analytics using narrative and data visualization. This is a critical step in creating value with analytics since decision makers take actions based on this information.

CHORAL’s notebook feature eanbles non-IT experts to combine narrative, analytics, data visualization, photos, images, videos, URLs to effectively communicate insights and recommend actions.

Notebook editor - Empower users with data storytelling features. Combine narrative, data tables, data visualization, diagrams, photos, videos and HTML.

Arrow View Builder - Prepare your data and configure analytics with a spreadsheet-like interface - high performance, in-memory, on big data sets

Vega View Builder - Configure powerful visualization and interactive graphics using a spreadsheet-like interface

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