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Innovators Shaping the Future

Jean Michel Arès

Co-Founder and CEO, Choral Systems

Meet Jean-Michel Arès, the Visionary Co-Founder and CEO of Choral Systems. Jean-Michel is a distinguished figure in the tech world, having previously served as the Chief Technology and Operations Officer at BMO Financial Group. In this role, he masterfully led the charge on information technology, product operations, cybersecurity, data analytics, corporate real estate, and strategic sourcing. Prior to his tenure at BMO, Jean-Michel held the prestigious position of Chief Information Officer at The Coca-Cola Company and GE Power Systems, showcasing his unparalleled expertise in transforming global technology landscapes. 

His rich background also includes insightful consulting experience with McKinsey & Company. Academically, Jean-Michel boasts a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the renowned McGill University in Montreal, underlining his deep understanding of both technology and business. As the driving force behind Choral Systems, Jean-Michel continues to redefine industry standards and innovate at the forefront of technology and operations.

Dick Amin

Co-Founder and CTO, Choral Systems

Meet Dick Amin, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Choral Systems, a luminary with over 30 years of trailblazing experience in IT solution design, building, and implementation. His journey before co-founding Choral Systems includes a decade of impactful work with The Feld Group Institute and its partners, where he played a pivotal role in planning, building, and deploying strategic IT infrastructures for esteemed clients like BMO Financial Group, FedEx, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and JetBlue Airlines. Dick’s remarkable career also includes serving as the principal architect at TIBCO and Delta Airlines, as well as showcasing his expertise as a human-computer interface specialist at NC and Director of Engineering at various high-profile companies like Coverse Technology, ICL UK, and ICIM India. 

He is credited with developing groundbreaking solutions such as wearable computers for emergency medics and real-time airline information systems. Dick’s academic credentials are equally impressive, holding a Bachelor’s in Physics from Gujarat University and a Master’s in Computer Science from M.S. University. His visionary approach and innovative thinking continue to drive technological advancements and solutions at Choral Systems.

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