About Us

About Us

We founded CHORAL to Create Business Value by Solving Complex Problems Fast with Connected Data

Our beliefs

  1. Data & analytics is a source of competitive advantage in today’s economy.
  2. The gap between leaders and laggards is widening.
  3. For many companies, data & analytics is not delivering expected benefits despite significant investments.
  4. Your data and analytics transformation should focus on your most critical business challenges.

Our Solutions

Choral is a platform that enables teams to use connected data to solve complex problems quickly. Choral was created to address issues such as cost cutting, revenue growth, digital transformation, IT transformation, operational excellence, risk and compliance, customer experience, cybersecurity, M&A, financial market analysis, economic analysis and competitor analysis. Speed and agility are enabled through a library of analytics solutions that includes blueprints, a data mesh, and easy writing and data storytelling tools. As teams manage the organization with connected data at their fingertips, the consequences are enhanced productivity, execution and risk management.


jean-michel ares

Jean-Michel was the chief technology and operations officer at BMO Financial Group before co-founding Choral Systems, where he was responsible for IT, data and analytics, cybersecurity, product operations, corporate real estate, and strategic sourcing. Jean-Michel formerly worked for The Coca-Cola Company as global CIO, GE Power Systems as global CIO, and McKinsey & Company as a consultant.

Jean-Michel Ares

Founder & CEO

dick amin

Dick spent the last 30 years designing, building, and implementing IT solutions for businesses before co-founding Choral Systems. Dick has spent the last 10 years working with The Feld Group Institute and its partners to plan, build and deploy strategic IT infrastructures for clients such as BMO Financial Group, FedEx, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and JetBlue Airlines.

Dick Amin

Founder & CTO

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